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PPA03927 – Canberra Accounting Fees for Sale

A highly sought after client base too good to pass up

This longstanding strong firm wishes to establish its next chapter in support of the principal’s succession plan and desire to secure a competent future service provider who is experienced in servicing these more significant clients.

The fees, circa $1.1 Mill, are more than basic compliance with a strong representation toward the SME market and a focus on wealth growth through quarterly performance advice. The firm successfully utilises its established processes and procedures to service clients that range from establishing young professionals to those selling their businesses. Most are blue chip with several market leading performers, particularly in professional practice such as medical services and real estate.

Around a quarter of revenue is generated through advice services whilst both trusts and companies contribute a further 29% of fees each. Over half of the fees are based on fixed fee agreements with write offs negligible and average debtor days better than the norm.

The firm services some 288 client groups, the largest of which equates to just 3.1% of total fees. The next eight groups contribute 17% of fees within the $20K – $30K fee range; 28% of revenue is attributable to annual fees within the range of $10K – $20K, and a further 35% of income is generated from fees in that $3K – 10K range. Overall, the firm’s average client size is just over $3.5K, which is excellent for a firm of this size.

The top 20 client groups contribute some 38.5% of total fees and are predominately based in Canberra. Approximately two thirds of these groups have been with the firm for 10, 15 or 20+ years, with the main contacts ranging in age from mid-thirties to mid-seventies, of which almost three quarters are below sixty years of age.

There is presently no commitment regarding premises, thus the fees are relocatable, although the firm’s personnel do work remotely around 50% of the time.

The vendor will be available 3 days per week for the first twelve months and then wishes to remain in a consultancy capacity for an agreed period.

E-mail to request a confidentiality agreement or phone (02) 9233 4333.

The completion of a confidentiality agreement is essential prior to the supply of any information.