Information Memorandum Template

Success is in the preparation

Selling a practice is quite often a very complicated and challenging process.

As a vendor wishing to sell a practice yourself, preparation is key.

The Information Memorandum Template is the first step in the sales process in terms of collating and presenting key information to potential purchasers. This template provides a sample of how and what needs to be presented to go to market.

As with most things, success is in the preparation. This template should be prepared in advance of going to market and its accuracy is paramount. Nothing will stall the negotiation process more than having inaccurate information. You should never expect a purchaser to make an offer based purely on the P & L.

As a purchaser, if you have only been provided with financials thus far, you too can utilise this template to give to a vendor and obtain the pertinent data for consideration.

Therefore, our sample template is cost effective at only $165.  Please click here to download an order form to ensure you are well prepared as you take the first steps in your sales transaction.

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