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North Western Sydney

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PPN00644 – North Western Sydney Accounting Firm for Sale

A small fee base well suited to a first time practitioner or a firm seeking a manageable bolt on.

This firm is located approximately 15 – 20 kms from Sydney’s CBD around the Epping, Marsfield, Ryde area. Estimated fees for FY are $240K. The firm has been in operation for over forty years and in its current location for over half of that time. Clients are mostly mature, ranging in age from their 40’s up to retirees.

Tax lodgements for the 2019 tax year numbered 331, with around 40% of revenue originating from companies and a marginally lesser proportion from individual returns (38%). Super funds contributed almost 11% of fees. The average lodgement fee for the period was just around $850.      
The distribution of revenue across various fee stratas is strongly focused around the $2K – $20K annual fee range, which contributes 61% of overall revenue. Almost 35% of annual fees fall within the range of $5K – $20K. The overall average client size is around $1.8K per annum with 157 client groups.

The top 20 client groups contributed 54% of overall fees in FY 2019. Over half have been clients for in excess of 10 years. Key contacts within these groups are typically within their 50’s or 60’s, although there are a handful either side of these ranges.     

The vendor is wishing to retire from public practice to pursue other interests but is available for a six month transition or as negotiated with the purchaser. Whilst the firm’s lease expires mid next year, a short period at the current location is perceived as desirable to assist with the transition of clientele.   

E-mail to request a confidentiality agreement or phone (02) 9233 4333.

The completion of a confidentiality agreement is essential prior to the supply of any information.