Proactive Buyers’ Agent Services

Rob Knights Practice Broking offers specialised Practice Buyers’ Agent Services exclusively applicable to professional accounting, financial planning and legal firms.

Given our standing and reputation within the marketplace, we are uniquely placed to assist firms like yours to achieve an acquisition, whether that be a small parcel of fees or a multi-partner firm.

Benefits of this service include:

TIME – firms are generally very busy servicing clients and managing the day to day operation of their business. By outsourcing the detailed activities that are involved in an acquisition venture, firms can get back to what they do best and significantly reduce the time that they contribute to this objective.​

RESOURCES – in short, who do you contact and how?  Our firm has a detailed database with direct contact to principals in practice.  We can communicate to a short list of potential acquisition opportunities on your behalf.​

ANONYMITY – for many, the ability to remain initially anonymous and confidential during the acquisition endeavour is ideal.

This service is offered as a scaled, four tier service and is designed to accommodate varying degrees of commitment.

To firms who are serious about sourcing an acquisition then please click here to learn more about the finer details of this novel service offering.