Practice Sales Appraisal – for Purchasers

Evaluating an acquisition opportunity

A PRACTICE APPRAISAL REPORT is commonly completed by a purchaser interested in buying a particular practice. WHY…?

As a potential purchaser, you have now hopefully received an Information Memorandum detailing all aspects of the practice and you are weighing up your level of interest and what you should offer to be at least considered a party at the negotiation table.

A PRACTICE APPRAISAL REPORT will give you an invaluable expert’s insight into a potential purchase. It will identify the strengths and weaknesses of the firm and also highlight other market conditions that you, as a potential purchaser, need to take into consideration. It will also offer guidance on a fair market price for the opportunity.

Importantly, an appraisal is not a formal valuation and is only applicable for a whole practice sale in the open market.

Appraisals commence in price from $3,000 + GST.

Once an appraisal on the potential acquisition has been completed, you can confidently structure an offer at the price you know to be fair and set your terms and conditions.

Benefit from our 40 years of experience and seek independent, expert advice from the beginning.