Comprehensive Broking Services

Our focus is to achieve the best possible outcome for our clients

Rob Knights Practice Broking Pty Limited specialises in the sale, merger or acquisition of professional Accounting, Financial Planning and Legal Practices throughout Australia.

Michelle Knights is a licensed practice broker across Australia and the Director of our firm. She has been buying and selling practices for 11 years with the firm advising practitioners on these matters for over 40 years. Therefore, we have the experience, expertise and practical knowledge to guide you to achieve a successful outcome.

We understand that the process of selling a practice is very complex and challenging for any practitioner, so it is our firm’s policy to remove as much of the broking process away from the practitioner as possible.

As a licensed practice broker, I will manage the sale of your firm from start to finish. I offer a personalised, proactive approach to the selling process and negotiate on behalf of you, the vendor.
Michelle Knights

Marketing ~ it’s about being seen

Our reputation within this marketplace will ensure your practice will have maximum exposure. Your practice will be listed on this dedicated broking website, across our social media platforms and advertised in our monthly industry newsletter.

We have a robust and enthusiastic database of prospective purchasers eager to learn of potential acquisition opportunities. This enables us to discreetly bring together vendors and purchasers who we believe have the right ‘cultural fit’. We will minimise your stress by bringing you only qualified potential buyers that are willing and ready to make an acquisition.

Confidentiality is a vital part of the sales process. All potential buyers are heavily screened and must sign a ‘Deed of Confidentially’ before receiving any information regarding your practice for sale. Furthermore, the name of the firm or the practitioner is not released at anytime prior to the proposed meetings with the short list of prospective purchasers.

Schedule of Fees

Our fees are two-fold:

1. A non-refundable engagement fee ranging from $880 – $2,220 depending upon the size and location of your firm;

2. Commission, payable only upon successful sale only and is dependant on the sale price of the firm. Our standard rate of commission is 7% + GST on the first $100K of the gross sale price and then 5% + GST thereafter or a minimum fee of $12,000 + GST, whichever is the greater.

For a detailed breakdown of the PROCESS that we undertake when you list your practice for sale with us please click here.

If you are considering the sale of your practice, then call us today on (02) 9233 433 or email for a confidential chat to discuss the HOW, WHAT, WHEN and WHY of the sales process.

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